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14 Parish Caribbean Business Special Catering

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Authentic Caribbean Food

Have you ever felt like you would just go back to Jamaica just to get the real taste of the authentic Jamaican cuisine that you grew up with? Ever get tired of your own cooking and just wish you could find a place that makes your taste buds salivate at the scent of the food?
Look no further, 14 Parish Caribbean Kitchen is here to serve your needs. Authentic Jamaican Cuisine is certainly not new to Jersey, but never have you come across a restaurant where the cooking takes you on a brief moment in time to when mama and papa use to say the food anchor and as you blink the plate is empty.

Now Serving Salmon

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Great Variety of Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

Our authentic Jamaican cuisine selection is sure to please, ackee and saltfish, run dung, porridge, oxtail, jerk chicken, fry chicken, stew chicken, curry goat, curry chicken, jerk pork, various shrimp and fish dishes done to order. Vegetarian cuisine is also available such as ital stew, vegetable stew, Garlic Spinach, Brown Stew all done to order, blended natural fruit juices and much more.
14 Parish Caribbean Kitchen

14 Parish Caribbean Kitchen